CompTIA Career Support Video Series

At CompTIA, we will help Associates put their best foot forward in their job search process. Although we cannot guarantee placement to Associates, we will help them connect to the right employers when their training is done. To view the entire Career Support Video Series on YouTube, click here!

CompTIA Program Resources for Amazon Associates

Welcome, Amazon Associates! CompTIA's Kelly Stone and Teresa Varela explain the online resources developed as you move through the program, including videos from employers and recruiters and a specific forum built for you and your fellow associates moving through certification journeys.

You Can Do IT: Words of Inspiration from CompTIA Leaders

A message from our CompTIA leaders as you continue balancing life, work and your CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS) studies. Keep up the great work!

Tools for Honing Your IT Skills at Home

With the power of technology, IT professionals can practice a wide array of IT skills from home. Hear from CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger about some of his favorite free tools for gaining experience and confidence from home.

An Employer's Thoughts on How to Succeed in IT

IT professionals are in-demand, and IT careers tend to be financially rewarding and flexible. Employer partner Joe Goldberg, Senior and Infrastructure Practice Manager, Contemporary Computer Services, Inc., offers his feedback on what it takes to get into and stay in the IT field. With decades of experience under his belt, Joe shares the specific skills that has helped him adapt with the technology.

Soft Skills That Set IT Pros Apart

We've long heard that soft skills are crucial in the corporate world, but what does that even mean? Joe Goldberg, Senior and Infrastructure Practice Manager, Contemporary Computer Services, Inc., an employer partner in this program, breaks down the specific skills such as communication and collaboration that will make a difference in your career. He also details how to practice these skills, further develop them and display them on the job. The good news: if you're in this program, you already have many of the relevant skills as an Amazon Associate that will make you an excellent IT professional.

LinkedIn: Why You Need to Be There and How to Get Started

LinkedIn is a critical tool in finding a job and maintaining a professional network. Tom Liszka, senior manager of strategic marketing, shares tips for getting started on LinkedIn.

Employer Perspective on Getting that First IT Role

Getting your foot in the door in a new career path can be challenging. Employer partner Dan Shapero of TeamLogic IT offers his thoughts on what sets applicants apart in this market and how to secure a role with a managed service provider.

Preparing for an IT Job Search

Before you get down to business, IT Recruiter Erica Woods of Apex System breaks down what you need to know about looking for an IT role. In the first of her series about getting a job in IT, Erica shares insight on what you need to know to mentally prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Resume Tips from an IT Recruiter

Hear straight from an IT recruiter about what you need in your resume to get past online vetting systems and into a role in tech. After years of recruiting and reviewing thousands of resumes, Erica Woods of Apex Systems shares her resume secrets for making the cut.

Identifying IT Job Opportunities

IT jobs are out there, you just need to know where to look! IT Recruiter Erica Woods of Apex Systems offers her tips on finding IT jobs in places you may not have considered. Sure, there's Indeed and LinkedIn, but have you considered Facebook or MeetUp, or even introducing yourself to the top-five recruiting firms in your area? Erica breaks down sites you should check out now to get into your dream role soon.

Insights from the First A+ Certified Associate via Amazon/CompTIA Career Choice

Kate Freitag, the first Amazon Associate to complete the CompTIA program and get A+ certified, shares her tech journey and advice to fellow associates. Learn how she broke down her 16-week program, took advantage of the instructor-led training and balanced her full-time workload to earn her certification.

It's Hard, But You Can Do It: Advice from an Amazon Associate About Getting Certified

Greg Keener, an Amazon Associate in Florida, discusses his experience with the CompTIA Career Choice program and offers his advice for others who want to get into careers in tech.

Career Coach Talks Career Change Mindset

Career coach, corporate veteran and multi-career changer Laura Teich gets into how to approach a career change with resilience. In her first video, Laura discusses how defining your "why" will help Associates navigate the process and stay motivated to succeed.

Advice From Your CompTIA Instructor

CompTIA instructor Michael Sletten provides an overview of how the CompTIA certification instruction process works, how to get involved and what you need to know to power through the 16-week CompTIA A+/Network+ program.

Building Your Confidence as an IT Professional

IT trainer and hiring manager James Taylor shares how Amazon Associates already have many of the skills that set new IT professionals apart - customer service oriented, problem-solving communicators who can prioritize complicated tasks and see their role in the bigger picture.

Career Coach Discusses Streamlining Your Job Search

In the first video of this series, career coach and IT veteran Laura Teich discussed how to mentally prepare for the job search ahead. In this second installment, Laura shares how to be productive in your job search, what to look for in a prospective company and how to know if you have enough of the core requirements to apply with confidence.

All About the Amazon Associates Career Choice Program

Learn about the Career Choice program directly from the Amazon Associates who lead this program. Jeff Bulanda, manager of the WW Career Choice Schools and Educational Programs, and Tammy Thieman, senior manager Career Choice, discuss the purpose of the program, how to take advantage of the resources and their thoughts on how to balance your course load with work.

Fight for Your Goals: Jevon's Motivational Journey into IT

Jevon Wooden's path from dropping out of college and cleaning up hospitals to a role in cybersecurity at Deloitte had many unexpected turns and false starts, but what he wants aspiring IT pros to know is that anyone can do this. The grind is worth the results.

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