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The School Accommodation Process is a formal program identifying possible schedule solutions, including offering minor schedule adjustments. Associates may ask you questions about the school accommodation process during the application and enrollment process. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and a step by step guide for associates to request accommodation for their Amazon Career Choice programs.

Q: When should associates submit a request?
A: We recommend that associates submit School Accommodation requests two weeks before the first day of class. That means that as soon as the Associate is accepted into the school’s program, they should evaluate whether they need an accommodation; if so, they should begin the School Accommodation request process. The Career Choice voucher application process is entirely separate from the School Accommodation process and has different deadlines, so the Associate does not need to wait for an approved Career Choice voucher in order to request a School Accommodation.

Q: Can a request be cancelled? If so, how and when?
A: If the associate needs to cancel the request for any reason, such as the program hitting a maximum enrollment capacity and the Associate therefore being denied a Career Choice voucher, they can go to their site HR and request to cancel the accommodation. Site HR will be able to revert their schedule back to their original schedule.

Q: Are associates allowed to change from one shift to another or switch to part-time according to the needs presented by their school schedule?
A: No. Associates will not be allowed to move from one core shift to another under this program. Those requests would go need to go through the HITS internal transfer tool.

Q: What is HITS and how is it different from the school accommodation?
A: HITS is an internal transfer tool that associates can apply for in order to change shifts or departments. To qualify, an associate must have been in their current path for at least 30 days and have no active write ups. HITS can take over a month to complete. Approvals are based on business need and are not guaranteed. In general, we do NOT recommend that Associates apply through HITS for accommodations needed for participation in Career Choice.

Q: What are the qualifications for an approved School Accommodation?
A: Associates must have no active written warnings, be enrolled in an accredited school or in a Career Choice program, provide supporting documentation, and request no more than 10 hours off a week.

Q: If an Associate has a School Accommodation and receives a written warning, will that cause the Associate to become ineligible for a School Accommodation and void their current approved Exception?
A: No. The current school accommodation will continue, however when submitting new requests, written warnings would affect eligibility.

Q: Can Associates make up the hours that they miss due to their School Accommodation?
A: Associates are welcome to sign up for voluntary extra time when it is available through AtoZ.

Q: Can an Associate receive a School Accommodation while taking online courses?
A: Yes, they are eligible for a school accommodation. The same rules apply.

Q: Can an Associate choose to work a normal 40 hour schedule, but not have a MET (mandatory extra time) day?
A: Yes. This can be accommodated through this process but only if class time falls on their overtime day.

Q: What happens if an associate is denied the accommodation?
A: The associate will receive an email detailing the reason for the denial. Often, the email will ask for additional information to be approved. If the associate is struggling to get approved, they can speak to site HR about the reason for denial and what next steps need to be taken.

Q: What happens if the accommodation isn’t approved by the time the class starts?
A: Excusals can be backdated after the accommodation has been approved. Unless the Associate does not qualify (see qualification question above) or there are extenuating business needs at the work site, most School Accommodation requests are approved once complete and correct documentation has been submitted.

Q: Documentation requires student name, school name, name of the class, class dates and times. What if the school does not have that on the student portal?
A: The student should request that the school provide them a PDF letter on letterhead with all of the information requested.

How to Request a School Accommodation

To sign up for a school accommodation, the Associate will need to request it onsite with one of the computers inside the fulfillment center. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log onto AtoZ and go to the Resources page.
  2. Scroll towards the bottom, and click the “Schedule Exception Request - School” Link
  3. Fill out the form as follows:
  4. Submit your request

Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email either approving your request or asking for more information. We recommend that you request your accommodation at least two weeks before the start of your class.

Here is an example of documentation that includes all necessary information.


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